Towards Immortality

What will you do to become immortal?

2 - 3 hours
8 - 80


The players will enter a magical, Impassable Forest, inhabited by four racial groups: Men, Elves, Dwarves and Druids, who are looking for a recipe for an elixir of immortality. Each race has its secret knowledge handed down from generation to generation about cultivating plants and making ingredients; however, to prepare the elixir, they must exchange information. Will they manage to reach an agreement despite all their differences?

The aim of the game is to produce a brew that grants immortality. Teams gradually learn what ingredients they need to produce and which they need to obtain from other races. Raw materials and pieces of information are exchanged... There is unconfirmed, contradictory and indirect information circulating among the participants... Each race has different skills and knowledge, which they are reluctant to share if they do not see benefits for themselves. How do we overcome reluctance and distrust to reach the vital goal?

Learning Outcomes

The game supports teams in building collaborative environment, where trust is to be perceived as the core value, especially in view of working in dispersed teams. It is an ideal choice for teams which are in the process of formation and development of their internal rules. Participants will be able to identify the advantages of collaboration over competition. They will be encouraged to get out of their personal comfort zone and make an effort to start building a high trust environment within the team. Throughout the activity they will practice how to separate incomplete and unverified information from key information, to be able to end up with right conclusions. Towards Immortality is an ambitious communication game that stimulates strategic thinking and stresses the importance of working toward one common goal.

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