The Vehicle Factory

Build your amazing vehicle and win the race

2 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
6 - 800


Since Henry Ford launched mass production of cars more than a century ago, the car has become the most common means of transport. And although more and more people own their four-wheeler, few can admit that they built it themselves... Participants of The Vehicle Factory become employees of a factory specializing in the production of unique vehicles. Divided into teams participants need to fulfill some urgent and extraordinary production orders. Using materials from the warehouse, teams build replicas of the most unusual vehicles, be it a Formula 1 car or a Batmobile. When the task is done, their vehicles are tested and evaluated, to the delight of the viewers.

Learning Outcomes

The Vehicle Factory is a perfect laboratory for team cooperation, revealing how important discipline and full commitment of the entire team are. The program is a great choice for teams that need to end up with new energy, creatively animated, with fun and tangible success. What counts here is quick reaction, good synchronization of actions and making the best decisions in view of a common goal. Nothing builds a team better than the opportunity to jointly implement an ambitious project in which everyone plays a significant role. Each participant brings his or her own unique features and determination to achieve the goal. A creative and functional vehicle is the result of effective team communication and successful work organization.

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